About Platypus METT

Platypus Medical Exercise Therapy and Training (METT) helps Nova Scotians overcome pain, avoid surgery, and continue to enjoy the physical activities they love.

Since 2003, Dr Jaepel and his clinic have been serving the residents of Windsor, Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Lower Sackville, and surrounding areas. We are here for those who aren't ready to give up on their health. And our founder, Dr. Matthias Jaepel, champions that idealism.

About Dr. Matthias Jaepel

heashot of Dr. Matthias Jaepel is the owner and practitioner of Platypus METT.

After earning his PhD in cancer research and spending ten years in that field in Germany, Dr. Jaepel wanted more from his work than going after research funds. He also wasn't interested in the pharmaceutical industry. Instead, he wanted to use his skillset to make a difference in the lives of individuals.

Matthias was attracted to a system known as Medical Exercise Therapy (MET). Interlacing sports science and medicine, MET's innovative research-driven approach spread throughout Europe in the early 1990s. While Dr. Jaepel established clinics and built platforms around this system, he found there remained limitations. His curiosity for rehabilitation pushed him onwards to researching and applying new methods to assist clients in a more hands-on manner.

A video showcasing clients using our facility and talking about the transformative effects of Medical Exercise Therapy.

In 2002, Matthias relocated to Nova Scotia because he liked the visible season changes, the province's rich history, and its closeness to Europe. In 2003, he opened Platypus METT in Halifax, giving Nova Scotians the opportunity to experience an exciting, proven alternative for pain relief. In 2013, Dr. Jaepel moved the clinic to Windsor into a beautifully restored heritage building. This space allows him to apply all his knowledge with state-of-the-art cardio and weight equipment (which he has customized himself) to truly rehabilitate clients. As a member of the Clinical Exercise Physiology Association (CEPA), Dr. Jaepel's goal is not simply to reduce pain but to eliminate it.

Platypus METT has proven that incredible things can happen when you put in the effort. Matthias is proud of changing the lives of Nova Scotians for the better over the past 20 years, and looks forward to serving you.

Why “Platypus”?

You may think that “Platypus” is a bit of an odd name for a clinic that does such important work.

Dr. Jaepel chose the name because the platypus is a strange and complex little animal. It looks like an unusual cross between a duck and a beaver, which is not what we'd expect an animal to look like. It makes people curious about what's possible. It reminds us to stay open-minded, because biology is capable of more than we can imagine.

It is our biology and genetics, not medicine, that allows us to heal. When we limit ourselves to thinking in a certain way, thinking medicine or surgery are the only options, we limit our ability to heal. Don’t limit your healing potential - book your assessment with Dr. Jaepel today.