Platypus METT – What Counts Is Our Clients' Success

Medical Exercise Therapy is here for you where other treatments have failed. Since 2003, Dr. Jaepel has enabled people of all ages, injuries and conditions overcome, heal, and get back to the activities they love.

Brace Free and Getting Stronger

''I have been a client of Dr. Jaepel's at Platypus METT for seven months and I am extremely pleased with the progress we have made in my mobility. I had a stroke and was left with left side paralysis. When I began therapy, I had been wearing a brace for 18 months on my left leg. My mobility was difficult and getting worse.

I am now brace free and my leg is getting stronger. We still have a way to go but working with Dr. Jaepel is a wonderful experience. He is always encouraging and extremely knowledgeable. My goal is to be able to walk without a cane in our home and move about outside with much more ease. I am very thankful for the care I have received at the Cedar Centre and look forward to a much brighter future due to the care I have gotten there."

Trudy Ward, Berwick

A Significant Reduction in Pain

"The thought of going to a traditional 'gym' was certainly out of my comfort zone, and I had avoided many gym situations in fear of doing further damage. From the first day of assessment and meeting with Dr. Jaepel, I knew I was in knowledgeable and capable hands. The results of his care and knowledge have given me back a quality of life that I realized I was losing but did not know how to change.

The steady attention of Dr. Jaepel and his individually designed exercise program has greatly improved my mobility, flexibility, and strength. It has led to a significant reduction in pain. I have found the experience rewarding and continue to value my time at Platypus METT and Dr. Jaepel's therapy."

Marijean, Wolfville

Renewed Hope for Functional Use to Return

"Matt acquired a, severe ischemic brain injury in 2012, and was left fully quadriplegic. After being released from the Halifax Rehab Centre, we were sent home with very little hope, and offered no further therapies. Without hope, there is no way forward.

After reading an article in a newspaper about Platypus METT and Dr. Jaepel's work, we called for an assessment. Since starting therapies with Dr. Jaepel, Matt has gained strength and more control of his muscles in his arms and legs. We now have renewed hope for functional use to return."

Carol and Matt French, Dartmouth

Exceptional Knowledge

“Dr. Jaepel was the first person to give me hope after being told I had fairly advanced osteoarthritis is in both of my hips. Hope is great, but even better was the attention to my specific needs and treatment I received from him at Platypus METT.

Dr. Jaepel's depth of knowledge on the human body and movements necessary to treat conditions is exceptional. Coupled with his ‘outside of the box thinking', this has allowed him to push the boundaries on helping people get better.

Despite being told by an orthopaedic specialist that I would require surgery soon, I have not lost any range of motion in the past 3 to 4 years. I look forward my treatments and workouts at Platypus METT. I trust Dr. Matthias Jaepel and will always be his client."

Jeff Bishop, Halifax

Brian's Journey Through Knee Pain and Arthritis

''I have had knee pain and arthritis for many years resulting from old injuries; something that seems to run in the family. My father had both knees and both hips replaced, my brother recently had both knees replaced and my sister also has had knee problems.

I had always believed that eventually I would likely need knee replacement surgery, but I am worried that at 68 years of age I would probably need to undergo the process twice before I die, as the replacement joints wear out after 10-15 years.

Considering my deteriorating condition and my doubts about the longevity of artificial knee joints, I decided in late 2014 to put my name on the list for knee replacement. I was referred to an orthopaedic surgeon and began the waiting period in May 2015. I remained open to other options however as my knees became worse.

I had heard about Platypus METT in Windsor and Dr. Matthias Jaepel's treatments from alternative health practitioners so I thought it might be worth trying. In September 2015, I began visiting Platypus METT for 2-3 hours, twice a week and have continued this pattern ever since, with breaks only for Christmas and for vacations. Dr. Jaepel told me that his treatments could at least delay knee replacement for a number of years and perhaps eliminate the need entirely. That was enough to motivate me to give it a serious try. The exercise routines Dr. Jaepel designs for me (and all his clients), using custom built equipment, are unique and tailored specifically for my needs. I am not aware of another practitioner who does what he does.

The result of these exercises has been a significant improvement in my mobility and strength (not to mention my overall physical fitness). I walk further, with much less pain and with more energy. In addition, my legs had become very bowed over the past few years, but as a result of the Matthias' program they are now much straighter. I am walking more normally than I have in years.

To illustrate how much has changed for me, on New Years Eve 2015, after only 4 months of work with Matthias, my wife and I went out with friends to a dance where I danced virtually the entire night with a few short breaks.

And the next day, though I was sore, I had recovered quickly enough to go walking with the dog. I had of course been cautious the night before not wanting to set myself back, but I felt like I had shed 5-10 years.

More to the point, I received a call in February 2016 from the orthopedic surgeon's office to make a date for surgery for April 2016. Based on the progress I had made at that point at Doctor Jaepel's clinic, I chose to decline the offer and give up my place in the queue.

I intend to continue working with Matthias to improve and maintain my knees into the foreseeable future. I recommend Dr. Jaepel's Medical Exercise Therapy to anyone in my position. It is a lot of work, but it's worth it!''

Brian Van Rooyen, Harbourville

What Can Medical Exercise Therapy Do for You?

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67 Years Old and Still Working

"In early January 2016, I had severe pain in my left knee and had trouble using stairs, getting into my truck, and generally getting around. It took months to get an appointment for an MRI. I tried physio, which aggravated the situation, and in April I went to Dr. Jaepel looking for help.

He did an assessment and set up a treatment regime to get my mobility back and build strength through exercise and training.

After the third session, I could climb stairs using both legs, instead of just one and could get around job sites again.

I was finally able to get the MRII done in September, and it revealed that I had a radial tear and a horizontal longitudinal tear in the medial meniscus, along with severe degenerative osteoarthritis.

Dr. Jaepel's treatment using Medical Exercise Therapy, allows me to keep working. probably prevent me from having surgery. It has also improved my core strength and mobility in general."

Tom Thompson, Hantsport