What We Do

Medical Exercise Therapy (MET) Is a Comprehensive Approach to Healing

MET provides a flexible framework for the physical therapy of a multitude of issues. MET addresses your trauma, pain, and functional limitations in a customized and specific manner. The results are extraordinary.

Injuries, aches and pains seem to be unavoidable. And often, these do not fully resolve by themselves or under standard treatment. Medical Exercise Therapy empowers you to actively shape your journey back to full health. If you're not ready to give up - move on with MET!

Greatly Improved!

"Because of Dr. Jaepel's dedication and support, my flexibility and balance, stature and movement have greatly improved. Dr. Jaepel has designed a therapy program to my specific needs (osteoarthritis) while taking into consideration my overall physical well being. The atmosphere is one of friendliness, encouraging and full of support."

- Della Harris, 68, Falmouth

Wondering What to Expect?

With your first visit to Platypus METT you are taking an important step on your way back to full health. At our Windsor clinic, you're introduced to the people, the space and the methods of Platypus METT.

Dr. Jaepel assessing a female patient at Platypus METT

Clinical Assessment

First, by providing a full clinical assessment, Dr. Jaepel facilitates a mutual and comprehensive understanding of your specific situation.

A clinical assessment not only considers your case history, existing medical reports and diagnostic imaging, but also MET-specific tests and measurements. In combining this information, Dr. Jaepel will bring a holistic perspective to your situation. Taking a holistic perspective means that you are not just “a frozen shoulder’, ‘a tennis elbow’, ‘a hip’, or ‘a stroke’. The MET-view goes beyond isolated symptoms, and looks at your entire body (and mind) as the healing agent.

Our Facility

Second, Dr. Jaepel will introduce you to the Platypus facility. You may find that it looks a bit like a regular gym, but the custom-built equipment designed by Dr. Jaepel allows him and his team to target therapeutic interventions in a very, very precise manner. Your treatment will be dynamic, creative, and progressive all the way.

Man using specialized equipment at Platypus METT for resistance training
Woman going resistance training while reaching towards toes

Next Steps Towards Recovery

At the end of your first appointment, you will receive a prognosis and a suggested road map for your journey of recovery.

If you decide that Platypus METT is a good fit for you and your health goals, you will come to the facility to carry out the exercises developed for you under the guidance of Dr. Jaepel and his team. The structure provided through the equipment and your therapists takes out the guess-work often associated with regular ‘physio’ and helps you stay on track.

How Much MET Will You Need?

Each situation is unique. Some clients find the relief they craved after just a few sessions of Medical Exercise Training; others may need longer care. However, very often clients achieve relevant results by exercising at Platypus METT twice weekly for a period of time (a month or two). The sessions may then be spaced out a little to stabilize the improvements. We have found that many long-standing issues, even those believed to be chronic, can be resolved within less than 3 months.

In any case, our goal is not to simply restore minimum function, but to 100% rehabilitate you.

Is MET Covered?

We want to be honest with you. Like many health services in Canada – even quite essential ones - Medical Exercise Therapy is usually not covered by private and public insurance plans. However, if you have been injured in an accident, you may be able to negotiate coverage through the insurer. We will be more than happy to support you in your conversations with medical professionals and insurance adjusters.

Either way, we appreciate that making an investment into your health you expect significant improvements and we are committed to creating these results with you.

To experience the transformative effects of MET yourself, call 1-902-472-3510 or book an assessment today.

Platypus Healing

There's a unique healing service hidden in Windsor, Nova Scotia.

This video showcases our courageous clients using our facility and talking about the transformative effects of Medical Exercise Therapy.

Watch their testimonials to see how MET transformed feelings of hopelessness and frustration into freedom and (most importantly) mobility!

The People's Violinist

Life for Stephen Gates dramatically altered after he survived a car crash 15 years ago. Left with a brain injury, Stephen struggled with substance abuse and homelessness. Throughout is journey, his violin was his life line. He credits his work with Dr. Jaepel at Platypus for enabling him to keep playing

This short documentary was created by Meredith Bailey, Elizabeth Brown & Stephanie Directo for the Advanced Television Documentary Workshop, a course in the School of Journalism at the University of King's College, in Halifax.

A Closer Look at Medical Exercise Therapy


The practice of Medical Exercise Therapy is based on the practical insights of sports science. It is sometimes also referred to as Clinical Exercise Physiology.

A deep understanding of movement (kinesiology, biomechanics) and body response (physiology) differentiates this discipline of physical therapy from the mostly anatomically-focused approach of orthopedics, neurology, and classical physiotherapy.


Medical Exercise Therapy uses a unique set of tools and techniques to activate and support the body’s healing capacity. Activity-based MET complements the passive approach of disciplines such as osteopathy, massage therapy, naturopathy, acupuncture, and chiropractic, amplifying and stabilizing results.


A skilled MET practitioner will use their medical and pharmacological knowledge to develop individualized and dynamic therapy plans for their clients. Educational theory and psychology provide a further dimension to the support provided by your MET therapist.