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Taking Care Of Balance Problems In A Proactive Way

We take our ability to balance for granted. It is, however, a skill that we need to train, especially as we get older. We tend to lose our capacity for balance in our 50s, but only notice it much later. Often after we experience falls or have difficulties with tasks like climbing stairs.

Normal Aging can bring about increased anxiety, leading to significant balance issues. We may be unsure about our ability to see our environment, which limits our motor control response. As a result, we become more fearful of falls and the associated injuries.

Slow degenerative conditions, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, are terrifying. The physical, mental, and social impairments are often devastating. The good news is that working on balance and coordination issues can halt or slow the progression of these conditions.

"Rewire" the Brain

"I am focused on my balance. I like the therapy model used here. Matthias creates combinations of exercises with various machines which help to "rewire" the brain. My balance continues to improve."

- Norman Greenberg Ph.D. Psychologist

Balance training is a gradual process of regaining balance function. Being able to multi-task and coordinate a variety of movements and external objects does not only improve our capacity for balance. More importantly it also nurtures our cognitive functioning. We are – literally and figuratively – quicker on our feet.

Balance is a skill that we can and should train. Lack of balance can have severe consequences. At Platypus METT balance training involves coordination, timing, strength and fun! The capacity for balance enables other movements and activities. Replacing fear by enjoyment increases quality of life.

The Platypus METT Difference

Loss of balance does not occur in isolation. Our method addresses balance in the context of coordination, timing, and strength. At the Platypus METT facility, we simulate natural and routine movements. This allows you to re-train your capacity for balance in a safe environment. With our guidance, you'll have increased confidence and capacity at home.

Balance-Related Conditions We Treat

  • Ataxia
  • Fall prevention
  • Parkinson’s
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Neuropathy
Four people doing a yoga pose for improved balance

Regain Balance And Coordination Now

Don’t let fear or denial prevent you from acting on the first indications of difficulties! The Platypus METT method can help with symptoms and prevent complications. Whether you're worried about neurodegenerative diseases or just getting older, we’re here to work with you.