Knee Conditions We Treat

Knee pain slows you down, making it hard to function, stay active, and enjoy life.

As much as we depend on our knees for mobility, they are also quite vulnerable. Your pain could be due to recent or old injuries (meniscus) or overuse (runners’ knee). There's also postural impairments (bow legs) and degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis. Often, these problems become worse over time.

Knee pain also means that other areas, like hips and feet, are at considerable risk. The anatomy of the knee can make conditions difficult to resolve. Because knee surgery has often less than optimal outcomes, it should be your last resort.

In Pain for 9 Months – Gone in 3 Weeks

"I woke up one morning, no apparent thing happened, but I had fluid on my knee and it was very painful. I was told I’d need surgery, but that I would have to wait about 2 years. It was very limiting. And I was worried the problems would get worse during the wait time. I even thought of getting surgery elsewhere.

When I realized that I would not be able to pay for the procedure, despite some insurance coverage, I had basically tried all I could think of that was recommended to try and solve the problem.

And then I heard of Dr. Jaepel from a friend here in town and after the assessment, I was feeling much better already. I’d say after the third session with him all the fluid on my knee was gone. I could walk much better, the pain was gone. And from that point on it just continued to improve and strengthen. In short: In pain for 9 months –gone in 3 weeks.”
- Paula MacDonald

Woman on special equipment performing knee pain therapy at Platypus METT

A lot of our clients are active and love the sports they have often engaged in for years and decades. Just giving up is not an option. At Platypus METT, they find they can recover from injuries and lay the basis for continued health and well-being.

Man on mat on floor receiving Platypus METT therapy for his knee pain condition

Even chronic knee conditions can be addressed and resolved through the use of Medical Exercise Therapy. At Platypus METT, hundreds of clients have recovered from limiting knee conditions for good.

The Platypus Difference

The Platypus METT approach is unique in the treatment of knee conditions. It can help you activate your body’s healing power in a way that other therapies cannot. We'll present you with exercises based on the anatomy and functionality of the knee. Our goal is to move you out of pain patterns and create a functional knee, so you can keep doing what you love.

Knee Conditions We Treat

  • Meniscus strain or tear
  • Bursitis
  • Patella tendonitis
  • Baker’s Cyst
  • Knee osteoarthritis
  • ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) strain or tear
  • PCL (posterior cruciate ligament) strain or tear
  • MCL (medial collateral ligament) strain or tear
  • Varus knee (bow legs)
  • Runners’ knee (also IT band)
  • Gout and Pseudo-Gout
  • Pre-habilitation/Preparation for knee surgery
Man prepares himself for rock climbing by tightening his shoes

Get Rid Of Knee Pain For Good

If you have been living with knee pain for a while, you've likely tried a lot of different things for relief. You may be wondering if there is a way that you could get rid of knee pain for good. Many of our clients were at that point, and today are glad that they gave the Platypus METT method a try. We'd love to do the same for you. Give us a call today.