Post-Surgery Recovery Treatment

A Post-Surgery Recovery Plan Is an Important Part of Healing

The recovery process after surgery is often difficult. With Nova Scotian hospital protocols, stays are short, so you may not get the personal care or attention you need.

After your surgery, you may feel shaky, limited, and scared. Recuperation alone can feel like climbing Mt. Everest. To reach the goals given to you by your surgeon or physiotherapist, you may find you need more guidance and care.

Posterboy for Post-Operative Knee Recovery

"After I had sprained my knee during a walk at the seashore, I couldn’t really get it back into shape. We stopped the limping, but it was no fun.

So, I decided to have knee replacement surgery. What we did was that several months before the scheduled surgery, we worked on getting my general muscle tone into shape. Immediately after the operation, we continued to do exercises and this is now 8 weeks after.

I am at the point now where I can walk quite a distance, a kilometer or two and I can get up and down the stairs in a normal fashion.

So, I am pretty pleased. So was my surgeon. During the six-week follow-up visitation, he said that I was the poster-boy for post-operative knee recovery. He was amazed how well I could walk and the extend of flexibility in my knee. Usually, you would get to 120 degrees and I was already well past that point. I attribute this to the post-operative work I have put in at Platypus METT.”
- Victor Theissen

Man practicing balance using two pink balance balls with soccer ball held between his legs while being timed

The Platypus METT Method is dynamic. Each session, your therapist will assess the state of your recovery and provide you with a set of exercises that are best suited for you on that day.

Leg attached to exercise bands doing resistance training

Our custom-built equipment ensures that your exercises target exactly the areas that require intervention. There is not guess work on how to do it right and so you are in much less danger to reinjure yourself.

How Platypus METT Helps You Recover After Surgery

Our team of experienced therapists focuses on your unique situation, progress, and recovery. We'll assist you in regaining physical and mental strength in a relaxing environment.

Going beyond traditional approaches to recovery ensures the alignment of your entire body. This can prevent secondary conditions that may otherwise occur.

After any surgery you will need both exertion and confidence. A holistic and constructive rehabilitation strategy is key to a successful post-surgery journey. At Platypus METT, we want you to be back with the people and activities you love as soon as possible.

Postoperative Conditions That May Need Rehabilitation and Post-Rehabilitation:

  • Heart surgery
  • Joint replacements
  • Shoulder surgery
  • Meniscus surgery
  • Back surgery
  • Cancer surgery (e.g. breast cancer)
Right foot wrapped up in a cast after injury with crutches laying beside

Recover With Confidence

The best course of action after joint replacement surgery is to get moving again as soon as possible. At Platypus METT, you will receive the personalized care and encouragement to safely become mobile again. Call us or book an appointment and let us join you on your recovery journey.