Pre-Surgery Care

Preparing for Surgery Is Key to Recovery

Are you considering surgery to resolve a long-time health issue? If you've tried everything else, you or your physician might decide that surgery is your best option. Unfortunately, Nova Scotians often wait months (even years!) for surgery, while their condition continues to cause them pain.How will you manage on a daily basis while waiting? Are you worried about being able to bounce back from your surgery?

"Based on the progress I had made at Dr. Jaepel's clinic, I chose to decline surgery."

''I have had knee pain and arthritis for many years resulting from old injuries; something that seems to run in the family. I decided in late 2014 to put my name on the list for knee replacement. I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon and began the waiting period in May 2015. I remained open to other options, however, as my knees became worse.

I began visiting Platypus METT for 2-3 hours, twice a week. The exercise routines Dr. Jaepel designs for me, using custom built equipment, are unique and tailored specifically for my needs. I am not aware of another practitioner who does what he does.

The result of these exercises has been a significant improvement in my mobility and strength (not to mention my overall physical fitness). I walk further, with much less pain and with more energy. In addition, my legs had become very bowed over the past few years, but they are now much straighter.

I received a call in February 2016 from the orthopedic surgeon's office to make a date for surgery for April 2016. Based on the progress I had made at that point at Dr. Jaepel's clinic, I chose to decline the offer and give up my place in the queue. I recommend Dr. Jaepel's Medical Exercise Therapy to anyone in my position.''
- Brian v.R.

Therapist putting pressure on patient's elbow injury

Medical Exercise Therapy combines both active and passive interventions. Its passive methods combine insights from acupressure, osteopathy, and massage therapy and are aimed at helping your muscles release tension and pain.

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If you have suffered from prolonged immobility before getting surgery, you may already experience secondary conditions, which surgery will not be able to fix. Instead, mobilizing and strengthening joints that are slated for replacement is the best way to optimize surgery outcomes.

How Platypus METT Supports and Prepares You for Surgery

The great news is that Platypus METT can help you be proactive while you await surgery. We can even reduce its negatives and create better outcomes for you.

With personalized training plans, our clients are stronger going into surgery. We also work with clients to increase confidence in their ability to recover from surgery. Some clients found that surgery was no longer necessary after Medical Exercise Training. Even if you go through with your procedure, you'll feel confident with your post-surgery recovery and success.

Conditions That May Call for Pre-Surgery Care Include:

  • Hip replacement
  • Shoulder replacement
  • Knee replacement
  • General weakness
  • Certain cardiovascular conditions (such as atherosclerosis, cardiac valve problems, etc.)
  • High blood pressure
  • Back surgery
  • Obesity
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We’re Here To Ready You For Surgery

If you are considering or scheduled for surgery, give us a call first. Since 2003, Dr Jaepel and his clinic have helped Nova Scotians prepare for surgery with confidence. Every day of increased quality of life counts: let us show you how!