Shoulder Conditions We Treat

Are You Concerned About Shoulder Pain and Looking for Relief?

Shoulder pain and immobility may creep up on you or appear without warning. Falls or sudden movements can cause pain, but sometimes there's no clear direct cause. Hurting but not knowing why can be very frustrating.

Shoulder impairments, such as frozen shoulder, can also linger for a very long time without proper treatment. This could mean trouble sleeping or depending on others for daily tasks. You may find that even the most mundane things are impossible to do.

These conditions are difficult to diagnose. If you have been suffering from a shoulder condition, you may have heard that it is a variety of ailments. Many of these diagnoses don’t have a clear course of treatment. This means you try a lot of things to deal with the pain, hoping for the best.

"I consider Dr. Jaepel a miracle worker."

"The first time I came, I had a bone spur in my shoulder. It was well documented, I had x-rays. I tried physiotherapy for about three months, but it didn’t help for any length of time. I actually saw a surgeon and I thought I’d have to have surgery on my rotator cuff. I knew of Dr. Jaepel’s work through a family member and so I went to see him. He started treating my shoulder through various exercises and after about 4 treatments it was almost completely gone. I continued treatment just to make sure it wouldn’t come back, as a preventative measure. It completely went away and never came back. I consider Dr. Jaepel a miracle worker, he just made it go away and prevented me from having surgery and I can play golf again without pain.”
- Carl Caldwell, Sackville

"After 2 months, I was completely rehabilitated."

"I am so glad to have come to Platypus METT. I was recommended for shoulder surgery because of a tear of the rotator cuff muscles. As I had worked with Dr. Jaepel before, I asked him for help. He reviewed my MRI, but also did his own clinical assessment.

As a nurse, I know that I could rely on his expertise. His treatment worked immediately. My pain levels were significantly lower after just one session. I can say that after 2 months, I was completely rehabilitated and could use my shoulder without pain.”
- Darlene, Halifax

Darlene was on the wait list for surgery after a rotator cuff tear had been diagnosed. After only 2 months of working with the Platypus METT Method, her shoulder was fully functional again. Here she demonstrates beautifully, the full range of motion of a healthy shoulder belt.

This is an example of an exercise early in the process of re-mobilizing the shoulder belt. Without going to the pain point, the arm is rotated under weight, so that muscles and tissues can gently release.

Shoulder Pain Relief, the Platypus METT Way

At Platypus METT, we work to understand your specific condition so we can serve you best. We start by reviewing all your medical information and imaging, but don't stop there.

We also conduct hands-on testing to determine the extent of your shoulder's impairment. Medical Exercise Therapy can treat your shoulder in gentle but effective ways.

Shoulder Conditions We Treat:

  • Frozen shoulder (even severe), also Adhesive Capsulitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Rotator Cuff Tear
  • Supraspinatus impingement
  • Bursitis
  • Fractures of the clavicle
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Labium tear
  • Whiplash interference
  • Crepitation (adhesive condition of the connective tissue)
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Get Rid of Shoulder Pain for Good

What are the things that you still want to do, but won’t even try because your shoulder is killing you? You might love cross country skiing or playing with the kids. You might be an avid gardener or like to ride your bike. These activities are impossible with an impaired shoulder. Don’t put them on your bucket list and hope that your shoulder issues resolve by themselves. Call Platypus METT and book an appointment today.