Platypus METT: Nova Scotia's Proven Physiotherapy Alternative

Rehabilitate from injury, surgery and long-term health conditions

You don't have to live with pain. Take back your quality of life with Medical Exercise Therapy.

"I've been to a lot of doctors, tried different things that help with symptoms... but wasn't solving the problem..."

Are you frustrated with the lack of progress from other therapies like physiotherapy or osteopathy?

Are you afraid you'll live with pain forever? Do you feel hopeless in regards to recovery or surgery?

At Platypus METT, we believe rehabilitation is possible for anyone. This is because we practice Medical Exercise Therapy: a comprehensive, science-based framework centered around healing and health.

If you're ready to be an active agent in the quality of your life, we're your active partner in relief.

The work is not easy, but the results are phenomenal. Just ask our clients:

"Because of Dr. Jaepel's dedication and support, my flexibility and balance, stature and movement have greatly improved. Dr. Jaepel has designed a therapy program to my specific needs (osteoarthritis) while taking into consideration my overall physical well being. The atmosphere is one of friendliness, encouraging and full of support."

Della Harris,

"After the third session, I could climb stairs using both legs, instead of just one and could get around job sites again. Dr. Jaepel's treatment allows me to keep working, probably prevent me from having surgery. It has also improved my core strength and mobility in general."

Tom Thompson, 67
...and still working

"I received a call in February 2016 from the orthopedic surgeon's office to make a date for surgery for April 2016. Based on the progress I had made at that point at Doctor Jaepel's clinic, I chose to decline the offer and give up my place in the queue. I recommend Dr. Jaepel's Medical Exercise Therapy to anyone in my position. It's worth it!"

Brian Van Rooyen,

What is Medical Exercise Therapy?

Medical Exercise Therapy (or MET) goes beyond classical physiotherapy and other types of restorative care. Its individualized approach recuperates those suffering from sports injuries, cardio-vascular events, and other health conditions. By resolving issues that rehab and physiotherapy can't, we prevent the occurrence of secondary conditions and trips to the hospital.

We believe in 100% rehabilitation. Where other therapies fall short – we are here to help you move on.

Ready to Recover?

Since 2003, Platypus Medical Exercise Therapy and Training (METT) has been serving the residents of Windsor, Lower Sackville, Bedford, Halifax, and surrounding areas. Our clients overcome pain, avoid surgery, increase range of motion, and continue to enjoy the physical activities they love.

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